Mission, Vision & Values

› Mission

Develop a cohesive organization, a suite of innovative commercial payment products, and brands that are known for precision performance.

– Build a flexible and highly motivated organization that fluidly adapts to customer and market shifts.

– Develop innovative products rooted in the specific needs of our customers

– Make key strategic investments to broaden our presence and enhance delivery.

– Vigorously expand into new markets and new service areas.

– Apply our assets in ways that yield the greatest value for our customers and our shareholders.

› Vision

We will be the benchmark provider of physical, digital, and virtual corporate processing and payment solutions by helping our customers transform the way they operate throughout the regions.

We will:

– Understand the full breadth depth and complexity of our customers’ needs.

– Offer products that address those needs with precision performance.

– Market under brands synonymous with trust, innovation and market leadership.

– Establish and maintain valued relationships with our customers and partners across regions.

› Values

We operate throughout our regions with the same ambitious pursuit of growth and leadership. Yet we understand and respect local market differences and adapt our approach and our products accordingly.

Our core values are:

  • Integrity
    Being direct, honest and respectful when interacting with our people, partners and clients.
  • Collaboration
    Cooperating and sharing ideas with our people and clients to create and deliver solutions.
  • Innovation
    New ideas (big or small) designed to drive our growth.
  • People
    Hiring, developing and retaining talented individuals who exemplify our values and drive our success.
  • Execution
    Delivering on commitments with speed and efficiency to maximize our results.